How To Make A Dog Crate Fit In With Your Home Furniture

In many cases, even after the crate training days are done with, your dog might still love to nestle up in that cozy security of the crate. So, what was supposed to be a momentary eyesore has now become a permanent part of your home. So, if you are looking for a more long-term yet stylish solution then you have come to the right place. Fortunately, there are many designers, cabinetmakers, and furniture makers who have come up with all sorts of clever ideas to make an indoor dog kennel fit in with your home furniture. Some of these ideas have been mentioned next to you. So, to know more do read on.


Have some recessed area from an existing closet? Then why not fit your dog crate in that area. This idea will provide a clean, sleek look. Color the crate that goes with your hallway space’s color palette and you are good to go. Fitting the indoor dog kennel inside a wall is one of the best ways to save space. Besides, with such an idea, you do not have to worry about accidentally bumping into the crate.


The laundry room has designated cabinets to keep your washer and dryer. Use these cabinets to fit the dog crate in. This idea will provide more of an organized look. The laundry room is usually built in that area of the house which is normally not the first thing a person sees when they enter the house. So, fitting the crate with the furniture of your laundry room will be an easy way to keep it away from your visitors/guests.


In a mudroom, organizational built-ins happen to be a trending item that all homeowners are spending their money on. It is quite easy to add a dog crate into the scheme. The crate can be fit into the wall of the built-in shelves. For medium to small-sized dogs, you can put the crate beneath the built-in bench.

This is one of the cheapest yet stylish way to make the crate go with your furniture.


A little bit of Harry Potter vibe, but keeping the crate under the stair is one easiest way to make sure that the crate fits in with the décor of the room. You have the option to make a custom door that matches with the staircase’s slant. If you want more style then instead of utilitarian-looking wire mesh, opt for an attractive grille.


Fortunately, nowadays indoor dog kennel is available in a furniture-like look. You can simply purchase one that accentuates the vibe of your living room. However, these furniture-like dog crates can be quite expensive. So, if you are looking for a more affordable option then place a small-sized rug on top on the crate that goes with the style of the living room. You can even place a cardboard on top of the crate and place planters and/or centerpieces on top of it. This is most definitely an easy way to bring the room together and fit in the dog crate with other furniture in the room.

There you have it; these were some clever ways to make an indoor dog kennel fit in with your home furniture.

How To Clean Your Car

With a lot of work and errands you need to do, it is handy to have a car. It will be less stressful than going on public transport every time. 

But like your home and anything you have, you have to take care of it and maintain it. You will at least have it checked up regularly, so you would know if the engines, motors, and even the tires are still in good condition. If you do not do this, it will be a risk for your safety.

Maintenance also requires regularly cleaning it. It will not only make your car look good, but it will also lengthen its lifespan. The reason for this is because dirt and debris may damage your car.

It would be easier to just bring it to the car wash, but the problem is that it tends to get expensive. The good news is that you can do it on your own at home. It will definitely be an added chore for you, but it is completely necessary and worth it.

Washing your car is not that hard, but it would require to clean it both inside and the outside. Here are the steps to doing it:


1. Wash

You will have to get rid of the excess dirt and debris by washing it with water. You do not need to have some heavy-duty pressure water for this just like you see at a carwash. A regular one would be fine or even a hose with enough pressure to remove that stuck dirt.

2. Soap

After all that, it is time to soap your car. Be sure that the solution you are using is compatible with your car. You will need to have two buckets for this. One with the cleaning solution and the other one is water that will be used for rinsing. Use a sponge for applying the soap. This also involves the wheels. You can use the soap for cleaning it using a brush instead.

3. Rinse

Rinse your car thoroughly. Be sure to remove the soap and dirt. To dry it, use a microfiber cloth. Be sure to get rid of the spots before having it air-dried to avoid water stains.

4. Polish

After completely drying it, apply wax. This will not only polish your car but also protects the paint.


1. Vacuum the Seats

Car seating can either be made with leather or fabric. No matter what your seating will be, it should be vacuumed to get rid of crumbs or any other dirt.

2. Apply Solution

To clean it thoroughly and get rid of stains, apply a solution. It could be bought at a store or homemade. Make sure it will be compatible with your seat by testing it first in a small area. After applying the solution, wipe it with a microfiber towel. If your seats are made of leather, apply conditioner for additional protection and maintenance.

3. Clean the Carpets

Remove the mats and vacuum your carpet to get rid of dirt and crumbs. If it is stained, you can apply a solution for it then let it rinsed. Let your car dry out by opening the doors and letting it sit.

4. Wipe Everything

From the dashboard to the console to an air vent, they have to be wiped off to get rid of dust and prevent them from building up.

How To Keep A Cold House Warm

As the last months are approaching, summer is fading and so is the heat. The nights are getting darker and colder, and that is when you find yourself difficult to sleep and even do some tasks. These are the times it is tempting to just sit or lie around covered with blankets and be lazy. But it cannot be that way though.

Now that cold days are coming, it is time to heat your room so that you will be comfortable, productive and most importantly, not freeze to death.


Having a heater is essential during cold days. They will help your room get warmer and cozier. There is a variety available that you can choose to fit your lifestyle and budget. Just be aware that they are a fire hazard and dangerous, so make sure that you know the cautions and safety instructions in using your heater.


A fireplace does not only add beauty and coziness to your living room, but it is also functional and helps the room to be warm. Just make sure to have something in front of it like glass or screen for protection. It will also help the fire burn better. If your house does not have one, you can purchase an electric fireplace heater to add the feel.


Curtains are not only used for decoration. It is also functional for blocking sunlight. It is also useful for blocking the cold. In the cold days, open up your curtains and capture the heat of the sun as much as possible during the day. Then during the night, close them up so not only the chill of air outside will come in, but it will also help the heat you got from the morning stay. Use curtains that are thick and insulated which is good to use during the cold months.

Furniture Rearranging

During these times, the furniture should also be rearranged if needed. It should be away from the vents, so it will not block off the heat. You should also have them away from places that tend to get cold like the window. 


Your home should have proper ventilation for it will not only help with keeping it warm but also for you and other people’s health. Vents are important to have and as said earlier, keep anything away, like your furniture, from the vents. Ventilation also includes doors and windows. During the cold months, close them to keep the cold air from entering your home.

Additional Tips:


If there is something you should think about investing in, it is a good thermostat. It is useful for detecting both humidity and temperature. That way, you will know when to adjust. Some might also automatically do so. There are also available ones that have a timer. This will help you to keep your electric bill away from getting high.

Warm Clothing

As you keep your home harm, you should also help yourself keeping warm. You should wear thicker clothes and socks to keep your body heat up.

Ideas to Organize a Garage

The garage is the place you will store your vehicle. But you can also do other things on it. If you are into DIY or fixing stuff by yourself, a garage is the best place for you to do that. It can be your space for loosening up after a stressful week and would want to do something productive. A garage will be certainly having all of the tools that you need and purchase. You may have started with the basics but as the time comes, you will have a collection without even noticing it.

With your tools on hand, you will need to organize them. This is not only to look good and clean but also will be easier for you to navigate and find the ones that you will need. Here are some things you will add to your garage and ways to organize your tools:

1. Bins

Bins are the best place to keep your things together in one place. You can even organize and arrange them depending on you. You can have it color-coded or if you have many hammers or screwdrivers, you can put them in one place, and you can easily find them in case you need them. The great thing about bins is that it comes in a variety of sizes, so you can definitely choose them accordingly.

2. Shelves

Any place in your house, whether indoors or outdoors, shelves are really handy to have in your room. With them, you can store your belongings or necessities. It is mentioned above that bins are a great way to store your tools in one place. You can definitely place them on the shelves and also organize them according to your style. As for the bigger tools like a welding machine or garage air compressor, you can put them beside those shelves where you can see and access them easily.

3. Racks

Racks are like shelves but more portable. You can have it attached with a rope though. And because it tends to be less durable, you may only store your lighter tools with them. But it will be certainly handy if you need something more within you to reach for it can be placed by your workbench or can easily be transported if it is light enough.

4. Lockers

You can keep some of your working clothes like a mask, gloves, and goggles in it. But it could also be additional storage, especially for more expensive tools. If you have children, you can also use this to store harmful chemicals and tools, and it will certainly be out of their reach.

5. Pegboard

A pegboard is where you can hang your tools. It will certainly look organized and also easier for you to look for the things you need. It is also easy access. In addition to that, it can also come in a different arrangement. There is a pegboard wall storage where you can have a door for it or have the cabinet door as a pegboard. Not only you will be organized, but you will also be saving space too.

How To Clean A Composite Deck

After all the stress you have in all week, it would be just great to just sit around and relax. What more is you could be doing it outside. You do not have to go that further. If you have a deck or a patio in your home, you can definitely just do it there.

Decks can be made with different kinds of materials. The most popular would be wood. But there is also an increasing amount of composite decking popping up these days.

What is a composite?

It is an alternative for wood and more synthetic. It is said to be more environmental friendly because it is not made of pure wood. It is made with a combination of plastic and wood fiber. It would be greater when comes to cost though but easier to maintain.

How Should you maintain composite decks?

Water Avoidance

Even though composites are more resistant to water and rot, it is still advised to avoid them from water exposure for it is the cause of mold and mildew. This way, it will minimize the cause.

Regular Cleaning

To avoid organic decay and staining, you will have to clean it regularly. The usual cause of it is the debris and dirt. Have a schedule for cleaning to get rid of the debris and dirt that are building up.

How should you clean composite decks?

It may be an additional chore for you, but it is just simple with these steps:

1. Prepare

The first thing you will need to do is to move all of your furniture and other items away then sweep it. You will have to remove all the excess dirt and debris. If you are going to use a pressure washer, be sure to have it tested out first. Composite decks can be quite delicate when it comes to pressure, so be sure you know the settings you need to have or else your decking will be damaged.

2. Wash

After testing out your washer, it is time to wash your deck. You will have to do this before applying any solution so that any excess dirt and debris that are stuck and cannot be swept will be totally gone. 

3. Clean

After the washing is done, it is time to clean it. The cleaning solution that will be used is those that bought at stores. It could be a stain remover or degreaser, but there are also professional grade deck cleaning solutions. Just be sure to know about the instructions about mixing and using it. Apply it accordingly and wait as long as the instruction recommends. It is suggested to apply them when the sun is not out like early in the morning or in the evening because it tends to evaporate in the sun.

4. Rinse

After waiting for a period of time, it is time to rinse it. You can use a pressure washer once again for this. If you are going to apply anything for added protection, be sure it is completely dry. You can wait for a day just to make sure.

Decorating Small Spaces on a Budget

Having your own home will make you fulfilled and accomplished. It does not end there though for you have to do certain things and be responsible for it. You will need to keep it clean and maintained. There will be a lot of bills and expenses you have to keep track of. That is why some things need to be inexpensive like decorating your home. 

If you are living in an apartment, chances are space is small. It is a lot easier than larger spaces but of course, you still have to make your place look cool and homey. For that to happen, you do not need to have a lot of money. Just use your creativity, and you are good to go.

Thrift Stores and Secondhand Items

Furniture and decor are a need for your home, but they tend to get expensive. You do not have to buy brand new furniture for your home though. You just have to look for thrift stores around your area and look for items you need. You might find some decors like lamps and artworks you can display. They will certainly also be furniture like tables, sofa, beds, seating, or even a comfortable futon for your guests. Thrift stores are not the only thing you can look out for. There might be also some yard sales around your area that you can find and make deals with.

Do It Yourself

If you are into crafting and like making things by your hands, this will be perfect for you. You can make your own tables and cabinets if you want to. It is mentioned above to purchase secondhand items. If you do not like the design or looks very used and old, you can always fix them up and make it your own. You can also repurpose some of them. Examples are turning a dresser to a shelf or vice versa. You can also have drawers a form of a bookcase by putting them together. With these things, you will just have to use your creativity and imagination. Doing things your own also includes painting your walls and changing your tiles. Instead of calling a handyman or contractors, you can save up by doing it by yourself. It will be a lot easier for small spaces, and you can always call a family or friend for help if needed. 

Keep It Simple

You do not have to go crazy when it comes to decorating. Keeping it simple is always the best especially if you have small space. It might just make your home look cramped and unpleasant. You will just need to have some items that you really need and maybe some few pictures, artworks, and some plants here and there, and you are good.

Changing It Up

If you are a person who always wants to change things up around your home to be interesting, you can do it without any expense. You can just rearrange your furniture from time to time. As for your seats, you can have slip-on covers if you want a change of look and that is the same for table runners or cloths.

How To Make Your Living Room Look Modern

The style of your living room reflects your own preference and personality. If a person is more old fashioned, they tend to lean towards a traditional style. If they are more free-spirited and loves patterns, they will likely go for the Bohemian style.

The modern style still has the classic outlook but newer than that of traditional. Even if you are on a budget, you can still give your living room that modern look with these simple tips:


Choosing colors for your room is one of the key and difficult things in decorating your room. It is not just about the wall color but also for the furniture and decors to complement it. To have a modern look, you have to keep it simple, so it tends to lean toward warm and neutral colors such as blue, green, brown, or cream. You can still add some pop of bright colors on smaller scales.


Adding a lot of texture can help. You can have seats made of different materials. You can mix a leather couch while having smaller seats made of linen. Then you can add in some tables, like the coffee table and side tables, made of glass or wood. Just make sure that they will mix together beautifully.


The style of the lighting fixtures will also add elegance to your room. So instead of having the standard and plain light fixtures, choose something different like a stylish stand and desk lamps. You can even look for chandeliers. Would that be expensive though? It may be, but you can look at thrift shops and can spot good second-hand ones that may need some a little bit of fixing and painting. It will not cost much compared to buying something high end. This way, you will not have to buy something too expensive just to make your room look good. These fixtures are not only for design, but they are also functional to add brightness to the room.

Decor and Accessories

What you will add to your living room will certainly affect the look. Keeping things simple is what makes a modern look, and that also counts with the decor. Lighting fixtures are mentioned earlier, and that is one part of it. You can add some framed paintings and pictures on your wall. You can also add rugs and pillows that will also help your room to look comfortable. Windows can also be accessorized by choosing the right curtain for it. A fireplace adds coziness but if you do not have one, you can add something artificial like an electric fireplace TV stand that is multipurpose.


Keeping your living room clean is a must. That means no clutter as much as possible. You should also make time and have a schedule in cleaning up your living room. One of the purposes of the living room is for you to relax whether by yourself or not, but clutter can ruin that. Also, having a clean room will make the elements mentioned above stand out.

Tool Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Being your own handyman is great for your pocket. Every time something needs to be fixed, you will not need to call someone, and it saves you a lot of time and money. Add to that, there is something therapeutic in making or fixing things on your own. But in addition to that, you will have to get and invest in your own tools. They are not cheap at times especially if you are looking for something of high quality and will be with you for years. You can always start with something simple and go on from there. It will be worth it in the end.

Having tools means they need to be organized and stored. It will be a lot trickier if you have a small space, but not impossible. You will just have to be wise and creative when it comes to this. Here are some ideas for that:

1. Portable Workbench

A workbench is a place where all the work is done. It functions as a desk in offices or for your work. As it is portable, you can keep it somewhere to save space. You can also have storage under the work surface where you can keep some of your smaller tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Even some of the smaller power tools like drills or even a portable air compressor.

2. Racks

You can set up racks anywhere you want to be space-saving. It could be on a wall or behind a door. You can have it permanently in one place by attaching or you can have something with wheels, so you can bring it in whatever space you want.

3. Pegboard

A pegboard is where you usually hang your smaller tools. It is handy because it is organized and within reach. It is also easy to find the things you will need. You can also have it customized and have it in another structure like having it as cabinet storage or using the door of a cabinet as a pegboard.

4. Wall Cabinet

One of the best storage solutions is having your cabinet at the wall. This makes the ground more spacious. With a wall cabinet, you can also accommodate your bigger tools. You can even have a toolbox in there that will be handy if you need something prepared for on the go.

5. Pullout Storage Case and Shelves

By adding pullouts on your walls, you will be having your walls for good use and the room will be more spacious and maximized for your workbench or any other activity for crafting. It will also be easier access for you.

6. Recycled Materials

Do you have jars lying around your house? Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to store nails or screws or any other smaller equipment. You can keep them in your cabinets or workbench. You can even attach them by screwing the lids. This way, you can save money and recycle. It is also a good way to save space.

How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

Having your own home requires a lot of duties and responsibilities. First to the list will be the bills and budgeting you do within your home. Then it does not end there, you will also have to maintain it. You have to look for the things that need to be fixed and repaired. You also need to watch out for the things that need to be replaced. And of course, the best way to maintain your stuff is by cleaning them.

Cleaning your home involves both indoors and outdoors. You may have some similar furniture for both. But of course, the cleaning will be done in different ways and approaches. The furniture outside may have more dirt because of the air. An example of this is the cushions. You will certainly have those inside your house. But there will be also for your patio, and it is cleaned differently. Here are the steps:

1. Mix the Solution

The first thing that is needed to be done is to prepare the solution. You will need to mix one tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of borax into a quart of warm water if your pillow has mildew. If they do not, you will not need the borax. The liquid dishwashing detergent will be just enough. You can place it in a spray bottle if you want to, but you can just pour it in them if you do not have one.

2. Remove Excess Dirt

If the pillows have covers, remove them. Before applying the solution, you will have to remove the excess dirt and debris from them. You can either clap them together or dust them with cloths or even vacuuming them. 

3. Soak and Hand Wash the Cushions

Pillows should be hand washed and the first step to this is soaking the pillows with the solution and then waiting for 15 minutes before proceeding. Keep doing it until you are satisfied. You may even use a brush to remove some spots and stains that are hard to remove.

4. Rinse

Then after washing them, it is time to rinse. Use a garden hose for this. It is discouraged to use a power washer because it can damage the pillows or even break them. You can still do it though as long as the pressure is very low, and you are very careful.

5. Machine Wash the Covers

As for the covers that were removed, you can have them washed in a washing machine. Just be sure you know and follow the instructions for it.

6. Dry

Before leaving them to air dry, towel dry them first as thoroughly as possible. The cushion should be standing up while drying. To avoid mildews, make sure to have them completely dry and have no moisture.

7. Add Fabric Protector

For protection, have a fabric protector and spray it all over them. This will make them resist some dirt and avoid stains. It will also make it a lot easier for them to be cleaned in the future.

How To Decorate a Small House

Decorating your home could be one of the crucial moments in having your own. It is therapeutic and fulfilling, but it is not easy. You will have to decide what your style will be and then shopping for your needs while thinking about the budget you have. Then after all of that, you will have to incorporate them together.

It will also depend on the space you have. A smaller house may sound and less intimidating than that of the larger ones, but it is not that easy. How will you arrange and decorate it without getting or looking cramped? How will you incorporate decors and furniture in such a small space? Do you need to make your space look bigger? These are just some of the questions that will be answered by the following tips:


If your house has a lot of access to natural light, have them in your home as much as possible. Light not only makes your space look bigger, but it also makes your space look more open and airy. If there is none, you can make it up by adding lighting fixtures and lamps around your house that will also add decor. This will also work during night time. 


When it comes to color, you can just keep it simple. If you want to make your space look larger, choose light colors. This also includes the color of your furniture. They should always complement the wall colors, so your room will look cozy and not blinding.


Furniture will certainly add coziness to your room but if done wrong, it will look awkward and unpleasant. For a small space, you will have to choose the right size. For example, in your living room, if you have one big sofa, it will be enough because adding more may cause your room to look cramped. You can also have smaller seats around. This idea will also be relevant to your other rooms.


Rugs add color to your room. In a small space, a big rug is a must. Smaller rugs tend to make your room smaller, so have one that will be large enough with your furniture. 

Multi-Purpose Items

Having a small space means needing to have less stuff or else your house will be cramped or they might not even fit. The solution to this is to purchase items that have multipurpose. An example is an ottoman. You can use it as a seat, footstool, or a table. Some of them can serve as storage too. You can also have the most comfortable futon for your guests. It is a seat that can be turned into a bed, so you will not need airbeds or extra mattresses that will fill up your space. 


Mirrors are one of those decors that are classy yet modern. But it is not only for making your room look good, but it can also be functional and not just for personal use. Mirrors can help your space look bigger. It also helps with the light, whether it be natural or artificial, by reflecting them all around the room.