Mister Douglas

Born in 1937 in Moneta, VA, Mister Douglas made a modest but consistent living building houses that were structurally suberb, optimized for lifestyle efficiency, and capped with a modern-styled finish. Each home took him years to finish, as every last detail was worked out to perfection.

But why was Mister Douglas important to me?

I’m Catherine Brookes, and Mister Douglas was my beloved father. I’m trained as a mechanical engineer, and I’ve worked for several of the largest manufacturing companies in the country. On the side though, I’m a home-flipper. Nothing big scale – quite small actually. I use what I’ve learned from my dad’s persistent talent to help me turn homes into my highest works of art. I owe it all to him!

I created this page to keep track of my projects and the techniques that I’ve learned, in hopes to keep our family’s tradition alive. I hope you like it!