Ideas to Organize a Garage

The garage is the place you will store your vehicle. But you can also do other things on it. If you are into DIY or fixing stuff by yourself, a garage is the best place for you to do that. It can be your space for loosening up after a stressful week and would want to do something productive. A garage will be certainly having all of the tools that you need and purchase. You may have started with the basics but as the time comes, you will have a collection without even noticing it.

With your tools on hand, you will need to organize them. This is not only to look good and clean but also will be easier for you to navigate and find the ones that you will need. Here are some things you will add to your garage and ways to organize your tools:

1. Bins

Bins are the best place to keep your things together in one place. You can even organize and arrange them depending on you. You can have it color-coded or if you have many hammers or screwdrivers, you can put them in one place, and you can easily find them in case you need them. The great thing about bins is that it comes in a variety of sizes, so you can definitely choose them accordingly.

2. Shelves

Any place in your house, whether indoors or outdoors, shelves are really handy to have in your room. With them, you can store your belongings or necessities. It is mentioned above that bins are a great way to store your tools in one place. You can definitely place them on the shelves and also organize them according to your style. As for the bigger tools like a welding machine or garage air compressor, you can put them beside those shelves where you can see and access them easily.

3. Racks

Racks are like shelves but more portable. You can have it attached with a rope though. And because it tends to be less durable, you may only store your lighter tools with them. But it will be certainly handy if you need something more within you to reach for it can be placed by your workbench or can easily be transported if it is light enough.

4. Lockers

You can keep some of your working clothes like a mask, gloves, and goggles in it. But it could also be additional storage, especially for more expensive tools. If you have children, you can also use this to store harmful chemicals and tools, and it will certainly be out of their reach.

5. Pegboard

A pegboard is where you can hang your tools. It will certainly look organized and also easier for you to look for the things you need. It is also easy access. In addition to that, it can also come in a different arrangement. There is a pegboard wall storage where you can have a door for it or have the cabinet door as a pegboard. Not only you will be organized, but you will also be saving space too.

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