How To Keep A Cold House Warm

As the last months are approaching, summer is fading and so is the heat. The nights are getting darker and colder, and that is when you find yourself difficult to sleep and even do some tasks. These are the times it is tempting to just sit or lie around covered with blankets and be lazy. But it cannot be that way though.

Now that cold days are coming, it is time to heat your room so that you will be comfortable, productive and most importantly, not freeze to death.


Having a heater is essential during cold days. They will help your room get warmer and cozier. There is a variety available that you can choose to fit your lifestyle and budget. Just be aware that they are a fire hazard and dangerous, so make sure that you know the cautions and safety instructions in using your heater.


A fireplace does not only add beauty and coziness to your living room, but it is also functional and helps the room to be warm. Just make sure to have something in front of it like glass or screen for protection. It will also help the fire burn better. If your house does not have one, you can purchase an electric fireplace heater to add the feel.


Curtains are not only used for decoration. It is also functional for blocking sunlight. It is also useful for blocking the cold. In the cold days, open up your curtains and capture the heat of the sun as much as possible during the day. Then during the night, close them up so not only the chill of air outside will come in, but it will also help the heat you got from the morning stay. Use curtains that are thick and insulated which is good to use during the cold months.

Furniture Rearranging

During these times, the furniture should also be rearranged if needed. It should be away from the vents, so it will not block off the heat. You should also have them away from places that tend to get cold like the window. 


Your home should have proper ventilation for it will not only help with keeping it warm but also for you and other people’s health. Vents are important to have and as said earlier, keep anything away, like your furniture, from the vents. Ventilation also includes doors and windows. During the cold months, close them to keep the cold air from entering your home.

Additional Tips:


If there is something you should think about investing in, it is a good thermostat. It is useful for detecting both humidity and temperature. That way, you will know when to adjust. Some might also automatically do so. There are also available ones that have a timer. This will help you to keep your electric bill away from getting high.

Warm Clothing

As you keep your home harm, you should also help yourself keeping warm. You should wear thicker clothes and socks to keep your body heat up.

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