How To Clean A Composite Deck

After all the stress you have in all week, it would be just great to just sit around and relax. What more is you could be doing it outside. You do not have to go that further. If you have a deck or a patio in your home, you can definitely just do it there.

Decks can be made with different kinds of materials. The most popular would be wood. But there is also an increasing amount of composite decking popping up these days.

What is a composite?

It is an alternative for wood and more synthetic. It is said to be more environmental friendly because it is not made of pure wood. It is made with a combination of plastic and wood fiber. It would be greater when comes to cost though but easier to maintain.

How Should you maintain composite decks?

Water Avoidance

Even though composites are more resistant to water and rot, it is still advised to avoid them from water exposure for it is the cause of mold and mildew. This way, it will minimize the cause.

Regular Cleaning

To avoid organic decay and staining, you will have to clean it regularly. The usual cause of it is the debris and dirt. Have a schedule for cleaning to get rid of the debris and dirt that are building up.

How should you clean composite decks?

It may be an additional chore for you, but it is just simple with these steps:

1. Prepare

The first thing you will need to do is to move all of your furniture and other items away then sweep it. You will have to remove all the excess dirt and debris. If you are going to use a pressure washer, be sure to have it tested out first. Composite decks can be quite delicate when it comes to pressure, so be sure you know the settings you need to have or else your decking will be damaged.

2. Wash

After testing out your washer, it is time to wash your deck. You will have to do this before applying any solution so that any excess dirt and debris that are stuck and cannot be swept will be totally gone. 

3. Clean

After the washing is done, it is time to clean it. The cleaning solution that will be used is those that bought at stores. It could be a stain remover or degreaser, but there are also professional grade deck cleaning solutions. Just be sure to know about the instructions about mixing and using it. Apply it accordingly and wait as long as the instruction recommends. It is suggested to apply them when the sun is not out like early in the morning or in the evening because it tends to evaporate in the sun.

4. Rinse

After waiting for a period of time, it is time to rinse it. You can use a pressure washer once again for this. If you are going to apply anything for added protection, be sure it is completely dry. You can wait for a day just to make sure.

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