Keys to a Clean Home

There are several tasks to keep in mind if one would like to keep a neat and tidy home. Of course, there are the everyday tasks such as cleaning dishes and the kitchen area. This includes the sink, counter tops, stove and oven, as well as the refrigerator. Of course, then you must also vacuum the carpets and sweep the floors, and mop as necessary to keep everything tip top shape. It can be an excellent idea to clean the windows to keep them sparkling and crystal clear. Bathrooms, of course, are of utmost importance and will have a profound impact on how your guests perceive your home. You most certainly want to make your bed every morning. Not only will this look good to your guest, but it will give yourself some piece of mind. Win the morning and you will win the day, as they say.

Then of course, if you have a fireplace you want to keep the mantle clean and orderly. Make sure to polish the bricks so that they really shine and look their best. It’s very important to use top quality wood, as the smell of the smoke can have an important imparting flavor to your home. Use logs of equal size for the best results and even, slow burning. It’s quite vital that you maintain a clean fireplace hearth, this not only will look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also reduce the risk of fires. You really don’t want an out of control fire in your home, this can be disastrous as I’m sure you could imagine.

If you have a basement, it is important to keep it dry with lots of fresh air. This helps to prevent mold. You really don’t want mold spores to take root in your home. Once they are there, they become exceptionally difficult to get rid of. You may even need to hire someone to take care of the issue, which can become quite expensive in a short period of time. As they say, no bueno, and you should avoid this at all costs.

Then of course there are curtains. If you don’t tend to the curtains regularly they will gather dust and may even become musty. This can lead to allergies and unpleasant smells. The best way to clean the curtains is probably with a vacuum cleaner, provided they are not to delicate. If they are delicate there are other options, as a vacuum cleaner could damage them. Assuming they are not however, that is probably the way to go. You can also wash them in an ordinary laundry machine, another good bet as long as they are not too heavy for your machine.

That basically sums up the most important things to keep in mind. If you do these things your home will be fresh and clean, and you and your guests will be quite pleased with the outcome. If you found this helpful please let us know! Have a nice day.